Kids Menus Around Snowmass Village

8K at The Viceroy

Little Diners Menu:  Selected items from our “adult” menu items as half portions for our little diners at a discounted rate.

Breakfast:  Fruit Cup $8, Oatmeal w/ Banana $9, Selection of Cereals – Special K, Wheaties, Fruit Loops, Rice Krispies, Cheerios, Frosted Flakes, Corn Flakes, Assorted Kashi $5 Add banana, raisins, or berries $2.  Buttermilk Pancakes w/ Maple Syrup $9, Mini 8K, One Egg freestyle, potatoes, choice of meat, toast $12.

All Day Dining:  Salad: Iceburg lettuce, carrots, cucumber, tomato, ranch dressing $7.  Grilled Natural Chicken Breast w/ mashed potatoes, steamed veggies $15.  Crispy Chicken Fingers w/ French Fries, Ranch Dressing $12.  Steak, 6 oz sirloin, mashed potatoes, mixed veggies $21.  Cheese Pizza w/ house made crust, red sauce mozzarella $12.  Cheeseburger w/ cheddar cheese, fries or slaw $13.  Hot Dog Kosher Beef, wheat bun, fries $9.  Penne noodles w/ butter and parmesan or marinara $9.  Toasted Cheese w/ 7 grain bread, cheddar cheese, fries $9.  Snacks:  French Fries $6, Crispy Mozzarella Sticks w/ marinara $9.  PB&J $7.  Vegetable crudites w/ Ranch $5.  Decorate your own Cookie $8.

Drinks:  Milk or Chocolate Milk $5.  Juices:  Apple, Orange, Cranberry, Pineapple $5.  Lemonade $3.

Base Camp Bar & Grill

Hamburger and Fries, Cheeseburger and Fries, Grilled Cheese and Fries, Chicken Fingers and Fries, Hot Dog and Fries, Buttered Noodles.  All items $8.95

Big Hoss Grill

All Kids Meals served with Fries and a Soft Drink.  Fish and Chips, Corn Dog, All Beef Hotdog, Grilled Ham and Cheese, Grilled Turkey and Cheese, Mac and Cheese, Grilled Cheese, Peanut Butter and Jelly,Chicken Tenders.  All items $8.50

Elk Camp Restaurant (On-Mountain)

Mac and Cheese, Grilled Cheese and Chips, Rotisserie Chicken and 1 small side, Small Caesar Salad, Chili or Tomato Soup.  All items $6-$12.  Combo with any two items from Kids Combo Cooler $12.  Kids Combo:  Look for the Kids Combo symbol next to select menu items and turn it into a combo.  Kids combo includes an entree plus your choice of two items from our Kids Combo cooler.


Snacks, ice cream floats and other beverages. Krabloonik also offers a lounge with board games and a patio!

Mountain Bayou

Grilled Cheese, Mac and Cheese, Chicken Tenders, Corndog Bites, Fish Sandwich, Grilled Chicken Sandwich, Veggie Sandwich.  All items $8.00.  Includes drink:  Milk, Juice, Soda

Nest at The Viceroy

Caesar Salad $7, Baby Green Salad $8, Quesadilla $9, Grilled Cheese $10, Kosher Dog $9, Cheese Burger $13

New Belgium Ranger Station

Classic Grilled Cheese with Chips $8, “The Slalom” Hot Dog panini pressed with Chips $8, Baked Pretzel Roll Pizza with Mozzarella and a side of Marinara $10 or with Pepperoni $12, Baked Pretzel Rolls with a trio of dipping sauces $10.  Sauces:  Creole Mustard, Cheese Fondue, Honey Cinnamon Sauce, Chocolate Fondue, Nutella


Cheese Burger with Fries or Salad $9, Mac and Cheese $9, Chicken Fingers with Fries or Salad $9, Fried Chicken Wings with Mashed Potatoes $8, Mussels and Frites $9.

Sage at The Snowmass Club

Chicken Tenders w/side $8.50, Cheeseburger w/side $8.50, Grilled Cheese $8.50
Macaroni & Cheese $6.00, Pasta w/marinara $6.00, Pasta w/butter $6.00
Sides: fries, chips, fruit, salad


Ravioli, Linguini with Meatballs, Chicken Fingers, Cheesy Slice, Pasta Shells w/ Butter, Marinara or Alfredo.  All items come with Soda, Ice Tea, or Lemonade.  All items $7.95.

Slopeside Lanes

Chicken Tenders w/ Fries $8.95

The Stew Pot

Hot Dog and Chips $6.95, Grilled Cheese and Chips $6.50, Turkey Sandwich and Chips $6.75, Soup of the Day $5.95, Chili with Cheese $6.95, Old Fashioned Beef Stew $6.95, Stew of the Day $7.25, PB&J $5.95.


Half size any Pasta w/meat $7.50 w/out meat $6/25.  Chicken Fingers (Plain, BBQ or Buffalo) $8.50

The Artisan at The Stonebridge Inn

Kids Pasta w/ tomato sauce or butter and cheese $9
Grilled Chicken Breast w/ mashers $10
Cheesy Grilled Cheese w/ French fries $8
Grilled Salmon w/ mashers and vegetables $12
Chicken Fingers w/ French fries $11
Kids Pizza: Cheese or Pepperoni $8
Mac N Cheese $9
Side of carrot sticks w/ ranch $2

The Edge at The Timberline

Pork Schnitzel, Roasted Chicken, Grilled Steak all served with Vegetables and Fries, Grilled Sausage with Fries, Mussels with Fries, Risotto with Squash, Walnuts, and Brie.  All items $10.

Venga Venga

Crispy Chicken Fingers, Grilled Cheese Quesadilla, Tacos, Chicken Flautas, Bean Burrito, Chopped Salad. All Kids Meals served with beverage and a scoop of ice cream.  All items $6.95.


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